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Studies currently in progress:

  • Factors affecting research participation in ALS patients: A survey-based research study on risks and benefits of research participation.
  • Health-related quality of life in Children with DMD and SMA: A longitudinal survey-based study on HRQOL.
  • Respiratory needs in children with DMD and SMA: A survey-based study on decision-making for ventilation needs.
  • Cardiac complications in myotonic dystrophy patients: A data-based study on prevalence of and factors affecting heart complications in patients with DM.
  • Provincial differences in the diagnosis and treatment of ALS patients in Canada: A data-based study evaluating Canadian Provincial differences in diagnosis and therapy use.
  • Neuromuscular respiratory technique utilization by practitioners across Canada: A survey-based study of Canadian health care practitioners’ use of respiratory techniques for neuromuscular patients.


Published Studies

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